Early Rise

by Pennan Brae

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'Early Rise' is the 3rd release from Pennan Brae. (www.PennanBrae.com) & (www.youtube.com/PennanBrae).


released July 24, 2011



all rights reserved


Pennan Brae Vancouver, British Columbia

Pennan Brae is a singer-songwriter whose music has a vintage 1970s tinge employing lush string arrangements, roaming pedal steel guitar and a rich, driving beat. His 4th release, The Astronot, features 11 songs that serve as a soundtrack for the accompanying feature film The Astronot, which Brae wrote, co-produced, and acted in. The album and film are set for release this Summer 2017. ... more

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Track Name: On The Highway
Driving this road so long
Don’t know where it’ll roll
Cruising the highway
Unsure if there’s a toll

Searchin’ for a signpost
Tell me which way I should go

I had a pretty passenger
Now you know she’s long gone
Had a shotgun princess
That seat’s vacant light is on

Looking for some company
As I pull into this town

Pit stop is what I need
One-on-one TLC
Been down so many roads
Need direction where to go
Keep my headlights shining
Deep into the night

As the sun sets west
I’ll drive into the night
The moon breaks that far crest
I’ll hug the corners tight
Won’t pull my red ride over
‘Til morning’s pre-dawn light
Track Name: Lonely Heart Beat
We sat all silent by the lakeside
Buddy Holly singing close by
Feeling the melodies
Of his songs

Layin’ quiet by the low tide
Ritchie Valens playing nearby
Hearing the rhythm and riffs
Of his guitar

As August heeds to Fall
I hope that we can recall
Birds take their southern cue
As we stay laidback and amused
Bass breaks the water top
May this sensation not stop
Leaves transform from green to gold
Our love will never grow old

And as I hold you now
You make my lonely heart beat
Such a feeling I can’t describe
When you make my lonely heart beat
Heaven must be close by
When you make my lonely heart beat
Sensation I can’t deny
When you make my lonely heart beat

Breathing deeply by the shoreline
Elvis Presley rocking nearby
Feeling the energy
Of his style

Stirring slowly by the campfire
Chuck Berry rolling close by
Hearing the rhythm and rhymes
Of his poems

As days shorten to night
We squeeze hold each other tight
Autumn breeze picks up speed
You are all I’ll ever need
Firefly does its dance
To this thing we call romance
Waves to shore slowly lap
In our black and white photograph

As night gives way to dawn
This path we’ll continue on
Our vibe certified priceless
Ringing true from East to West

Swaying softly ‘neath the sunrise
Rock ‘n’ rollin’ all the time
Living the memories
Of our lives
Track Name: Need A Woman So Bad
Alone again
Not quite sure how to fight it
Screwed up again
Don’t quite know how to psyche it

Spinning ‘bout
This merry-go-ride
Of ups and downs
Try to jump
I can’t get off
Just go round and round

Don’t you know that I need a woman so bad
Got the blues and I’m feelin’ kind of sad
Don’t you know that I need a woman
A woman so bad
Got the blues and I’m feeling kind of sad

Down again
Not quite know how to right it
Messed up again
Don’t quite know how to hide it

Hangin’ on
This bronco ride
Of jerks and kicks
Try to leap
Can’t get off
Lick after lick

I recall better days
By my side
Now you’re gone
Lay awake
In the night…
Track Name: Don't Know Nothing 'Bout Love
Saw you standing
By room Twenty-Nine
Sped my heart
You stopped all time

What should I do
Don’t feel like playin’ the fool

Wanna go up and talk to you
But I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout love
Wanna take you out I don’t know where
‘Cause I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout love

Passed by
Walking with your friends
This shot
May never come again

Time to swallow my fear
The moment’s drawing near

Then I saw the look in your eyes
Misread your thoughts think I wanna die
Things don’t go smooth for me
I’s warned there’d be days like these
As I freefall in one bad daydream

Yet from whatever height
I will get up right
Track Name: Hollow Intentions
Say you’re gonna love me
Know you won’t
Say you got the blues
No you don’t
Say your heart is free
To another it is loaned

Keep sayin’ all these things
That should drive me wild

Think you suit me well
Fit like a tattered coat
Think you hold me up
Rock like a battered boat
Think you sound so nice
Nag like a goat

Keep thinkin’ all these things
Make you look like a child

As you keep going on
‘Bout how good you are
Takin’ two pills
Leavin’ you afar
Leave you with the company
Whom you most enjoy

Insist you will warm
Just a frightful cold
Persist in fast nights
Seem a little slow
Consist your value
Not worth any gold

Keep believin’ all these things
Time to change your mind
Track Name: Pennan Brae
He sailed from the Highlands
South to Vera Cruz
Deep in the Brazilian heartland
A man of twenty-two

Up the coastline
North to Montreal
Leather bag upon his frame
Six foot one inch tall

He lived the way I want to
Freely without care
Rode the western railway
Wind rushing though his hair

East to West coast to coast
Where his best plans were laid

Yonder cross those hills
Where the spirit wills
Where I chase my thrills
Yonder cross those

Got some land
Worked it to the bone
Met a true love
There they made a home

Had a family
Three girls and no more
Warm welcome awaited
By his front porch unlocked door

Moved the way I want to
With a subtle grace
Hand extended
Warm smile on his face

A life of peace and joy and love
Is what true freedom seeks

When we’ll walk again
In a garden
That you fondly tend

Share the laughter
Smell the cashmere
As you press me
Tight against my tears
Track Name: For You
I’ll remember you
For all your joy and giving
I’ll remember you
For the beauty of yourself

I’ll remember you
With thoughts of love and tenderness
We’ll remember you
With us you’ll always be

The doves they fly
Into the open air
All nature sings
Freely without care

The waves they flow
Gently to the sea
So do my thoughts
Of gentle memories

The ribbons
Of red and golden hue
As beautiful as you

The sunshine
Which falls in the next land
There we’ll walk
And softly hold your hand

God’s tears
Fall on you tonight
She nears
Leads you to the light

No fears
Love and don’t despair
He hears
All our thoughts and prayers