Amber Glow

by Pennan Brae

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'Amber Glow' is the 2nd release from Pennan Brae ( & (


released April 4, 2009



all rights reserved


Pennan Brae Vancouver, British Columbia

Pennan Brae is a singer-songwriter whose music has a vintage 1970s tinge employing lush string arrangements, roaming pedal steel guitar and a rich, driving beat. His 4th release, The Astronot, features 11 songs that serve as a soundtrack for the accompanying feature film The Astronot, which Brae wrote, co-produced, and acted in. The album and film are set for release this Summer 2017. ... more

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Track Name: Need You Now
Don't you know I say I need you
Yes I do
Don't you know now that I need you
Yes I do
I need you now…

Know the joy and pain
Being by myself
Felt the sun and rain
Freedom and self-doubt

Now I've been through that
Thought a time or two
'Bout my longings and desires
To be with you

I need you now…

Now that you've tried
To make it on your own
What is rusted
Was once a heart of gold

As you decide
To come back for a try
Heard you whisper
Beneath your alibi

I need you now…

All the things you do
Time and time again
Like the world they turn
Back to you my friend

If we pursue that path
Which leads to our demise
Its fruitless yield
Would be as no surprise
Let's buck the trend
See with your own eyes
Track Name: If I Lose You
Never wandered out alone
Never strayed too far from home
Now I've left my bed
Confusion lies ahead

Off in the distance
You stand
Offering resistance
The wall 'gainst which I lean
Begins to fall

If I lose you now
A part of me would die
If I lose you now
My heart would surely sigh
It's no lie

Scars scratched upon my face
The pain of you I taste
Cuts through me a deep slice
Of jagged tears of ice

Armed for destruction
At my fragile construction
The precipice on which I stand
Begins to slide

Wounded on bended knee
Guard is down hear my plea
White flag defenseless
Calling out S.O.S.
Track Name: Signs
Wonder if it's true or if it's false
Does it have a heartbeat or a pulse
Don't hang 'round when things flat-line
Got better uses of my time

Ponder if it's real or make-believe
Beneath the mask do you deceive
As you reach for my right hand
Time to make you see and understand

You run on a red light
Stop on green
Break on the freeway
Backroad speed
So I'm changing
Shifting gears
As the drawbridge
Quickly nears

Tell me of a guy whom you met
As if you'd care to place a Vegas bet
Got no sleight of hand to hide
What you see you get with no surprise

Then you call on me to make my move
Don't respond to someone on cue
Got no drama role to play
Yesteryear tomorrow or today

The fog lifts as lines connect the dots
Take the turn-off and check my blind spot
Look in the rearview ahead the coast the clear
Making inroads as I take the wheel

Think I know who I'm dealing with
If it is real or just a tryst
Feel it as you take my left arm
You seek not love but to do harm

In this game I'm not for you
Find another to easily amuse
Got no time to idly hang out
Time to turn off with little doubt

You run on a red light
Stop on green
Break on the freeway
Back road speed
Turn right in the left lane
Forward reverse
Signs you are making
So perverse

So I'm changing
Shifting gears
As the drawbridge
Quickly nears
Check my safety
Note the time
As I can read
All the signs
Track Name: The Same Way
Know what your daddy thinks
He doesn't like me
Doesn't like my kind
Doesn't want my company

Never tries to understand
The kind of person that I am
There I am
Taking all his talk

Hear what your girlfriends say
I'm no good for you
Not one of their crowd
Say that I'm a fool

They can go on for eternity
What they say doesn't matter to me
There they are
Waiting for me to walk

After all that they say
Will you still love me the same way
After all that they do
I will always love you

Feel no need to move from here
Magnetic pull draws me near
If there was a line in the sand
Wouldn't cross I would take my stand

See some guys got some views
'Bout me and you
Talking of
What'll happen when we're through

Not going anywhere
Ain't scared of their talk or their stares
There they hang
Waiting for me to balk
Track Name: Goin' Down
I'm goin' down
Since you left
Forgot my name
With the hounds
Since you trashed
Threw me away

World's spinnin' 'round
Since you turned
Walked out on me
I hear no sound
When I call futilely

I'll be rising
Pick myself up
To the top

I'm climbin' up
From the rubble
Where I found my heart
Risin' up
On the double
From what tore it apart

Sky's clearing
Sun's nearing
Upon my cracked face
Blood pulsating
Through my weathered veins

From where springs this feeling
Nobody knows
Starts and stops
Comes and goes

Destiny reeling
Changing my mind
As the feelings
Track Name: Fling
Down by cool waters
Skylight splashed on us
Night's breath swept over our bodies
Full moon hanging above

Forcefully surrounded
Swept by Valencia's embrace
The rush of her passion
Lost in our space

On the shoreline of desire
By an ebbing tide their bodies danced
Love enraged and longings fired
Deep inside a heated summer romance

Deep in the Cathedrals
Scented in hemlock and fir
Lovers in exile
Abandon requests of this world

Waxed by ole crescent
Enveloped in ecstasy
Mirage of fantasia
Lovetouch of remedy

Lost in touch
Physical paradise
Stars climax
Night falls sunrise

Peaceful rest
Slips you away
Floating high
Into the day

All laid out on nature's pyre
Moonlit shadows of their bodies danced
Love intense and fever dire
Deep inside a heated summer romance
Track Name: Wanderer's Requiem
From where did you come
Why did you
How long 'til you're gone

To where did you go
Why did you
Why is it so cold

Slowly look around
No one's to be found
Call out someone's name
There is no sound

Hey man do you know where I am
How did I get here
Once had company
Not a soul is near

Why is this happening
Did nobody wrong
Been lost forever since
Been holding out so long

As the rain comes pouring down
There's loneliness in this town
I have no girl to write to

As the wind cuts through the night
Strikes with all its might
I have no girl to write to

Won't you unfold
There is a story
To be told

Fall down on me
I'm waiting
Can't you see

Hey man know how I feel
Know my situation
Try so hard to change it now
Get the same ole station

Some say it's a phase ah it's all a haze
Just goes on for days and days
Can you change it rearrange it can you date it then relate it
Tell me what to do

As the sun scorches the badlands
My soul can barely stand
I have no girl to write to

As the snow adds to the cold
Will my story remain untold
I have no girl to write to

He has no girl to write to
No he has no girl to write to
The poor boy has no girl to write

He has no girl to write to
No he has no girl to write to
The poor boy has no girl to write