Shaded Joy

by Pennan Brae

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'Shaded Joy' is the 1st release from Pennan Brae ( & (


released November 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Pennan Brae Vancouver, British Columbia

Pennan Brae is a singer-songwriter whose music has a vintage 1970s tinge employing lush string arrangements, roaming pedal steel guitar and a rich, driving beat. His 4th release, The Astronot, features 11 songs that serve as a soundtrack for the accompanying feature film The Astronot, which Brae wrote, co-produced, and acted in. The album and film are set for release this Summer 2017. ... more

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Track Name: Something's Missing
Walkin' lonely street tonight
Women holding their men tight
Hand's empty holding nothin' but air
Heart is too nobody there

Headin' up over my tinsel town
Catch the main drag of ups and downs
On that road much too long
Not sure of right from wrong

Sun dies at night seasons change
Last leaf falls with my tear in the rain

No I don't know who she is
And I don't know where she lives
Until I find her
Something's missing

And 'til I find that certain miss
'til I taste her fateful kiss
Let me tell you man
Something's missing

This morn felt the ocean's power
Lifts your soul in the wee wee hours
Wave breaks left on the ground
Get up shake it off be strong

This eve caught the flash of a star
Thousand light years my hopes afar
Supernova wipes it all away
Stay true never lose faith

Believe in a better tomorrow
Though we have tasted much sorrow

'Cause I don't know who you are
No I don't know where you are tonight
As the moon hangs high in the sky
So does my heart I'll meet you here tonight
Track Name: Pathways
If you'd like to see
What's become of me
Guess we all change
It isn't good to stay the same

Should you pass
By my face
Familiar shot
You can't place

Give it time
Light will shine
A lost moment
Of you and I

As the nighttime looms
My heart will still be drifting
When the morning dawns
Your soul is lightly lifting

If you'd like to hear
All the news of yesteryear
Not to linger past
Make the present moment last

Should you wake
In a dream
Is it real
Or make-believe

As the daylight shines
My mind is calmly thinking
When the evening calls
Your light is gently sinking

As you draw the blinds
To end another day
Should our pathways fail
Good luck along the way
Track Name: Have You Ever Been
I was walking down by the bay
Saw you 'neath the sun's rays
Then you turned and looked away
Sunshine left clouds filled my day

On my path I set forth
East West South and North
Lone rider take left or right
Through the morn into the night

Have you ever been so lonely child
Have you ever felt the clouds and rain
Have you ever been so lonely child
As lonely as I am right now

I was drifting by the oceanside
Caught your footprints in the tide
Then the waves caused them to hide
I was pained and lost inside

Road ahead slightly bends
Will it ever come to end
Treading thin on tires I roll
Searching for the half to make me whole

I was racing in the jungle heat
Crossed the path you had beat
Then the foliage came to meet
My dead-end heart began to sink
Track Name: The Forgotten Man
It's another rainy night
In this cold shore-lined town
Water beads down my window
Dies without a sound

Leaves fly through the sky
Trees dance back and forth
Winds announce their presence
Howling from the North

Sit here silently
Watch the scene unfold
Grown man weeps utterly
Can't believe what he's told

His girl of fifty years
Can't recall his name
Eyes the storm outside
Feels the anger feels the pain

If you don't mind
Just sit low
Tell you a story
You'll want to know
'Bout the old man
Whose love forgot about him

He was an old man
He didn't understand
What happened to the woman
Whose life he gave
What happened to the woman
Who forgot his name

Thunder softly speaks
Past the lightning of the sky
Sunshine rays stray slowly in
Once clouds take heed and die

Hurting tears always fall
Past the strike of the heart
Tears of joy overcome
As the darkness departs

Sit here with hands in lap
Tears flow from his eyes
Want to give him all my help
Just a boy am I

He's seen the world at war
Times that caused him strife
His soul is hit again
He loses the love of his life

I'm sorry man but I don't know what to do
I wish that I did 'cause I feel bad for you

Though I see not the years
Of wisdom that you do
Reunited you will be
Forever in your youth
Track Name: Blind Love
Approaches you
Abandons soon
Come and gone
Like a blue moon

Smoked-out lights
Air is tight
Frisks your soul
Attempted plight
Runs to hide
In the night

I think that I
Will never know
From which way
Love does flow

I could not see
The blind love
That was sent to me
How could I sit
So absent mindedly

I could not see
The blind love
That was sent to me
The love oh it came
So silently

Yet delectable
Can't taste
You're susceptible
Of missing love

A deep mirage
Thousand eyes
In a great collage
Blur of faces

Missing it
Every single day

I am clouded
Completely enshrouded
Locked up
In a mist that will not rise

Another dimension
Held in suspension
Need to tear this veil
Cure my eyes
Track Name: Won't You Spend The Night With Me
Been outside
In a timeless space
Endless thoughts
Enquire my tastes

Time stops
Then stumbles by
Different place
Wish I could try

Second guessed
A hundred million times
Hard to play the game
When they draw those blinds

Set adrift
Far from home
Wish I'd get back
To where I am from

So won't you spend the night with me
I've been hurting for your company girl
Won't you spend the night with me
With me

Won't you spend the night with me
I've been so down & lonely
Won't you spend the night with me
With me

Used to live
Life as it came
Never thought of
Consequential gains

Take me back
To who I was
Remind me
Of what I can
Do for you
Track Name: Anyways
Saw you walkin' back the other day
As I lay back in the tall cool grass
I was thinking I was thinkin' about you
As clouds rolled on ahead
With these thoughts going in my head

I just had to say
You looked so wonderful to me
Gotta try to believe
Cool day in September
Hint of rain mixed in the air
Time to move along from here

Kneelin' long the worn chalk line
We weren't winning
Sittin' on the green hillside
You were grinnin'
Something that you create
Just by being
Took me far away from there

Oh I think of you
Each and every time
Do you know I'm here
And how I feel for you
Be as it may
I'll keep shufflin' 'long anyways